God's Word, My Voice Lectionary Insert

A Lectionary for Children Year C - Q4

Lyn Zill Briggs


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Children are a vital part of every Episcopal congregation and Church Publishing is pleased to offer a new resource based on Lynn Zill Brigg's successful God's Word, My Voice.

This collection of Revised Common Lectionary Readings Track 1 (Old Testament, Psalm, New Testament, and Gospel), are paraphrased for children, so they can be read aloud in Sunday morning worship or used in Sunday School, helping elementary-aged children easily read and understand the word God has for their lives. This collection of lectionary paraphrases is written in a child's speaking voice, not as an adult telling a story to the children. The psalms include a refrain for the entire congregation that closely parallels to the Book of Common Prayer's version.

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Lyn Zill Briggs has been a mother for thirty years and a parish priest for seven years. She delights in connecting kids of all ages to God in their lives. She was inspired when hearing a child lead the paraphrased psalm one Sunday in worship and said to herself, “If I were talking to God, that’s exactly what I would say.” She is active in the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, where she serves as the Education for Ministry Coordinator. She serves as vicar of the Church of the Resurrection in Centerville, Utah, and lives in Salt Lake City.



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