Faith and Nature

The Divine Adventure of Life on Earth

Phyllis Strupp


ISBN-13: 9781606740644



Faith and Nature is an eight-session, downloadable, intergenerational, faith-formation resource focused on appreciating and living in harmony with God’s creation.

The study includes 15 photos and 10 illustrations to use in activities and discussions. This intergenerational spiritual- formation program explores and embraces how God is at work in nature, using the Anglican approach of scripture, tradition, reason, experience -– and fun! Learners will build awareness and appreciation of our spiritual connection to Creation/nature in a traditional way that prepares participants to bring hope and faithful action to today’s ecological concerns. The electronic documents includes dozens of live links to additional online resources and activities.  


  1. Our Friendly Universe 
  2. Our Earthly Home 
  3. Our Plant and Animal Neighbors 
  4. Our Amazing Brain 
  5. Our Human Neighbors 
  6. Our Spiritual Journey
  7. Our Loving Creator  
  8. Our Response to Grace

The download price includes the right to download the entire study and reproduce materials in quantities needed for your group.


Phyllis Strupp is an award-winning writer who founded the Nature and Spirituality Program at the Diocese of Arizona in 2005. The Faith and Nature curriculum is based on her earlier work, The Richest Fare: Seeking Spiritual Security in the Sonoran Desert, which received the Independent Publisher best mind-body-spirit book award in 2005. She currently works in the area of brain fitness and serves on the CREDO faculty. She was an Education for Ministry mentor from 2000-2007. Her background also includes a BA in History from Rutgers University, an MBA in Finance from Columbia University.

"Faith and Nature brings Christian formation down to earth, literally. A Renaissance woman with an amazing brain brimming with wit and energy, author Phyllis Strupp rightly weds faith formation to relationships—with the earth, with one another, with creation—and does so as naturally as a child might. With a thoughtful mix from  “Crafts for Kids” to the Millennium Development Goals, she has built a curriculum that is appropriate for every age in the church community, but she leaves its overarching lesson plan on the lips of its youngest members: “Can God come out and play?”
- Bill Craddock, Managing Director, CREDO Institute


"With the same chaos and order found in the created world, Faith and Nature alluringly invites us to become curious adventurers ready to explore the mysteries of creation. It takes us to that place between first vision and human response where the world is opened up for us. From neutrinos to soultrinos we are surprised to find ourselves seeing creation as if for the first time – the softness of the newborn fawn, the bursting of night stars into supernovas, the blood-red leaf of autumn, the water rushing white, the moon dangling seemingly in mid-air – and then we are asked to see it all again through the eyes of heaven. And when we do, it’s like being present when the first Big Bang occurred – when God sung the first morning stars into existence. Faith and Nature is an inter-generational resource that helps us engage in God’s mysterious handiwork with the awe and mindfulness it deserves."

- The Rev. Canon Renee Miller, priest, author, poet, and entrepreneur


One reviewer from the Faith and Nature pilot program affirmed its benefits for congregational development:  "We used the program for eight full weeks on Wednesday nights beginning at the end of September, 2008. We had fun with it! About 25-30 people participated in each session, ages 4-84. One major benefit was the way it worked as an intergenerational program. It was so open ended, really made it possible to share without the pressure of ‘right answers’. Kids got really engaged with adults. We found it especially helpful to have one program that integrated science, scripture, the Millennium Development Goals and community building." —The Rev. Kathleen Patton, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Longview, Washington


"This is a multi-generational community building resource unlike anything else I've seen. It'll help you think and feel differently -- more connected than separate, more filled with awe than cynicism. From there, acts of mission and compassion naturally flow to help create the kind of world that honors all of God’s creation." — Mike Schut, Economic and Environmental Affairs Officer, The Episcopal Church.


"Strupp has captured the full body of wisdom needed to engage a community in the story of the universe and the human role on earth.  This thorough study guide will bring even the most skeptical (the non believer) to understand that God put humans on the earth to care for each other and creation. No age group will be left out. All will find power and joy by participating." —The Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham, President, The Regeneration Project, Interfaith Power & Light


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