A Field of Voices

MP3 album

James E. Clemens & David Wright

Jun/2010, MP3

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This recording is a collection of thirty hymns and songs suitable for all-age Christian worship in a variety of settings – house churches, small congregations, formal and informal. The talented group of fourteen singers known as "The Circle of Friends" directed by Angie Clemens perform with skill and musicality. They are accompanied by piano, guitar, djembe, Native American flute, and other percussion instruments. Click here to see the book containing this recorded music.

The contemporary texts of many of the selections are by poet David Wright and are either based on scripture or highlight such themes as community, Eucharist, hospitality, repentance, justice, healing, and blessing. The music, by composer James Clemens, is fresh and well constructed for congregational singing in a variety of styles from standard hymnody to folk, Native American, gospel, early American, and chant. About a third of the selections may be learned and performed by rote.

James E. Clemens is a singer, violinist, jazz pianist, and composer, who writes music for choir, orchestra, piano, strings, brass, voice and various ensembles. He and his wife, Angie, are musicians with an emerging Mennonite community. He lives in Virginia.

David Wright is a poet and the visiting assistant professor of English at Wheaton College in Illinois. His poems, essays and reviews have appeared in The Christian Century and the Princeton Theological Review as well as many other publications. He has published two poetry collections. He lives in Illinois.


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