Church Publishing Lectionary Inserts

Subscription Program

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Whether you're a first-time subscriber, or returning to the program, with Church Publishing Lectionary Inserts your parishioners enjoy the convenience of having appointed Scripture readings, psalms, collects, and refrains for Sundays and Holy Days handily presented on single sheets of paper.

Program features:
• Convenient subscription service ordering
• Available in your choice of standard or large print
• Appropriately sized for easy insertion in service bulletins
• Offered in units of 25
• Readings are from the Revised Common Lectionary, Episcopal Edition
• Two track options from which to choose for the season after Pentecost

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View a sample of the Standard and Large Print versions

Church Publishing Lectionary Inserts are available in both standard and large print sizes:

Standard Print Inserts

All Sundays
Pricing per week: $1.80/25 inserts

Holy Days (that fall on days other than Sunday)
Pricing: $2.05/25 inserts

Large Print Inserts

All Sundays
Pricing per week: $2.05/25 inserts

Holy Days (that fall on days other than Sunday)
Pricing: $3.05/25 inserts

Palm Sunday and Good Friday—Dramatic Narrative Readings Editions
Pricing: $3.55/25 inserts

Church Publishing Incorporated can be reached at, by phone at 800-242-1918, or by fax at 770-809-5206, Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

If you are already a subscriber to Church Publishing Lectionary Inserts, you can contact us using the information above for quantity changes, subscription renewals, cancellations, concerns, suggestions for improvement, shipment inquiries, or billing issues, pertaining to your subscription.

The Lectionary Inserts are a valuable tool we use in Sunday worship. I find them to be a real time saver and the congregation can follow along with the readers.  It sure beats having to print them out every week.
    Joyce A. Withers, Office Administrator, St. Peter the Fisherman Episcopal Church, New Smyrna Beach, FL

We began to use the inserts in 2010. Right away our congregants appreciated the bulletin inserts in the weekly bulletin. The inserts enabled them to participate in the service, and then when taken home, would be available for further reflection. The inserts and bulletins may also be taken to those who are homebound or in care centers. Thank you for making possible the spreading of the Word in this practical and easy to read format of the bulletin inserts.
     Rev. Susan M. Pfeil, Pastor, First United Church of Christ, Bridgeport, CT

After years having bulletins prepared by an outsource, your inserts are without a doubt the best improvement that has come our way. The inserts lifts a burden from myself, who prepares the info for the bulletins each week. I would not wish to go back to the previous method. So you have my vote to continue and my heartfelt appreciation for providing this service.
      Tom Bowman, Treasurer, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Lisbon, Ohio

 I’ve used your lectionary inserts for seventeen years. They provide an easy way for members of the congregation to follow the readings and for all to pray the Psalm together without having to open the Prayer Book. They are also a help to those planning to liturgy to ensure that we are all planning for the same lessons.
      The Rev. William R. Hinrichs, D.Min., Christ Church, Duanesburg, NY

 I have used the Morehouse lectionary inserts in several congregations over the years of my ministry.  I like your practice of printing all the optional lessons for a given day rather than choosing one set. In addition to the insert of the day, we also put out the readings for the following Sunday so that those who wish may take them and prepare for the next Sunday.
     Anne Warrington Wilson, Priest in charge, St. Stephen’s Episcopal, Cincinnati, OH

We really appreciate being able to use the lectionary inserts that you provide because this saves a lot of time and work. These inserts make it easy to have the necessary readings available to our church members for each service. Having a choice of the regular or large print version makes it easy to meet the needs of our church community. Thank you for providing the lectionary inserts to our church because they are appealing to our church members and easy for me to use.
     Kathy Parker, Parish Administrator, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Halifax, Va.

We have used your lectionary inserts for the past 30 years and have always found them very helpful.
     Fr. Craig MacColl, Rector, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Centennial, Colorado

"We love having all the readings organized in one attractive resource – our congregation does not have to flip through the Book of Common Prayer or jump from book to book for readings, and the flow of the service is smooth and uninterrupted."
    Cynthia T. Weinmann, Senior Warden, St. James Episcopal Church, Shelbyville, Kentucky

"We have been using the lectionary inserts for years. We especially appreciate the large type version, as we have many older members."
    Beverlie Ludy, Parish Administrator, Christ Church, Wayside, Maryland

"We find the lectionaries very helpful in our weekly worship service for several reasons and are pleased with your service and delivery."
    Maria Whittington, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Louisville, Kentucky

"The lectionary inserts are an easy, simple way to have all of the proper readings available to members of the congregation for the service and to take home if they would like to."
    Barbara Poole, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Moose Lake, Minnesota

"The inserts are essential in our worship. The inserts allow the congregation to follow carefully as the texts are read by the lectors. A few of our members have compromised hearing, so the Inserts are crucial for them. "
    The Rev. William A. Davidson, Vicar, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Wells, Vermont