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The Liturgical eCalendar 2021 is a standards compliant liturgy planning calendar of all Episcopal Sundays, Major and Lesser Feasts*. Liturgical eCalendar is intended to integrate into your current calendar system, and provide easy access to the Season, Color, Year and citations from the Lectionary for the Episcopal calendar for 2021.

Simply import into iCal, Outlook, Google calendar or other standards compliant electronic calendar program, and have access to the information you need to plan the liturgical year without needing a separate program.

The calendar is available in ICS format so it works with most calendar systems. A calendar for older versions of Outlook (2007 and prior) is included in the download.

Liturgical eCalendar 2021 also works on most mobile devices via synchronization with your calendar program (iCloud, Google, etc.), or direct import into a calendar program on your device if supported by the platform you use.

It couldn't be easier to have the Episcopal Liturgical Calendar 2021 at your fingertips.

*Please note, the eCalendar is structured for use as a worship planning application using the current church calendar as authorized by the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music of The Episcopal Church. Since Holy Women, Holy Men is currently approved for trial use, the Liturgical eCalendar products do not yet incorporate material introduced by this publication.

Thank you for downloading the Liturgical eCalendar from Church Publishing, Inc. Please read the following instructions to get you started.

eCal is the easiest way to incorporate the feasts and celebrations of the church without the need for a separate calendar program. eCal is intended to work with any standards compliant calendar program such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple's Calendar app (formerly iCal). It is not a standalone application, but needs an existing calendar program that supports the ICS standard. You can also import these calendars into Google Calendar.

The calendars are downloadable in a zip format that needs to be unzipped. On Windows, right click on the zip file and choose "Extract all...". On Mac, simply double clicking the zip file will un-compress the file.

Inside the folder created when un-compressing the zip file, you will find several calendars. Two standard ics files - one for Sundays and Holy Days, and one for Lesser Feasts and Fasts. You will also find two identical files which are intended for older versions of Microsoft Outlook. These have the words "Older_Outlook" in the file name. If you have a version of Outlook that is newer than 2007, please disregard these files.

Installation Instructions

Windows: Open your version of Outlook and choose "Open>Import" under the File menu. Select "Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)". Navigate to either of the two calendars and select which one you wish to import. Choose OK. Some versions of Outlook will prompt you to either Import or Open as New. The option you choose should best reflect your needs. We recommend Open as New so that if something doesn't work as you intend, you can delete the newly created calendar.

Mac: You can generally double click the ics file and it will ask you if you would like to import the calendar into the Calendar app. However, we recommend that first, you open the Calendar app and create a new calendar by selecting File>New Calendar>On My Mac (or iCloud if you prefer so that it can sync to other devices). Then double click the ics file. When it asks which calendar you would like to import the information into, select the calendar you just created.

iOS Devices: iOS does not support the direct import of ICS files on your device. In order to use this on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, you must sync the calendar via iCloud.

Once you have imported the calendar to your program of choice, you will find that each Sunday, Holy Day, or feast has its own entry in your calendar program. These, by default, are set to be all day events.

Clicking one of these events in the calendar will show you the propers, season, color and year of the feast. This information is located in the Notes field. You can add additional information in this field as necessary.



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