2000 Years of Prayer

Compiled by Michael Counsell

Jul/2002, 672 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819219213



The most extensive collection of Christian prayers available is now in paperback. Tracing two thousand years of Christian spirituality, it contains prayers from every era, every continent and every tradition. This extraordinary anthology provides a compelling and comprehensive portrait of the ways in which men and women have expressed their longing for God through the centuries.

Arranged chronologically, 2000 Years of Prayer covers every significant era of Christian experience: prayers from the early church in East and West, the Coptic Church, Celtic traditions, medieval and monastic spirituality, Italian spiritual writers, Teutonic mysticism, the Protestant Reformation, English Roman Catholics, the Puritans, Pietist, Pentecostal and Charismatic movements, and much more. A brief introduction to each chapter outlines the defining spiritual characteristics of the age and traces the development of our understanding of prayer. Biographies of authors whose prayers are included, as well as an index of authors, themes, and subjects, are included.

Michael Counsell is a parish priest in London and is the author of two major collections of liturgical prayer.

"This volume presents a sumptuous, seven-course feast..A book to be savored, not gulped, 2000 Years of Prayer deserves a diverse readership."--Theology Today, October 2000
"This vast collection of prayers is a marvelous resource...with prayers both famous and obscure from most every major religious figure in the history of the church...2000 Years of Prayer should be on the shelf of anyone serious about spiritual devotion." --Gregory Dunn, in Religion & Liberty
Another devotional option presents Two Thousand Years of Prayer from the Christian tradition. Michael Counsell's collection includes Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox prayers; though heavily weighted toward British religious heritage, it also encompasses prayers from Africa, the United States and other nations.
The chronological anthology of prayers is nicely divided into headings such as Early Western Church, Eastern Church, Medieval West, English Christianity before the Reformation, American Christianity in the 19th century, and the like.
This resource is a must for every library!
The author has brought together a remarkably broad collection of prayers that capture the many traditions of Christian spirituality through the ages.... This book is a treasury of prayer and a stimulant to growth in Christlikeness. I highly recommend it as a resource for all occasions. It is a rare treat to be able to tune in to our predecessors' prayers.
The book should be in every serious local church library, and available to all who plan or conduct worship. It does not provide a comprehensive history of Christian worship, but does offer a wide variety of immediate devotionl or congregational use. Beneath its surface is much wisdom and charity. Counsell has chosen translated sources carefully, and felt free to smooth their style. His translations of Phos hilaron and other pieces are elegant paraphrases, intended to be singable to familiar tunes.
...a tremendous resource...helpful in the spiritual lives of many believers.... A great volume!
...an invaluable resource for pastors and other worship leaders...or as a daily devotional prayer. It is a magnificent work, honoring the Lord who inspired the prayers!



  • Spirituality
  • Liturgy
  • Devotionals
  • Worship

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