A Celebration of All Saints

A Liturgy for the Feast of All Saints

Gordon Graham


ISBN-13: 9781606740965



This Celebration is intended as a way of engaging a wide range of participants in the observance of All Saints’ Day or All Saints’ Sunday. There are roles for clergy, acolytes, readers, choir and children. The script replaces the Liturgy of the Word, but includes the Epistle and Gospel for the day, and leaves space for a sermon. The saints commemorated are drawn from Holy Women, Holy Men (New York: Church Publishing, 2010), and have an exclusively American focus.

The format could be easily adapted to accommodate (for example) Bible saints (Mary, Peter, Paul, John, etc.) or patronal saints (Andrew, Patrick, David etc.). In addition to the five American saints described (the ‘scenes’ of the liturgy in place of one of the readings or the sermon) a Litany is offered for the Prayers of the People. Hymns are taken from The Hymnal 1982 (New York, Church Publishing, 2005), Lift Every Voice and Sing II [LEVAS] (New York: Church Publishing, 1993), and Wonder, Love, and Praise [WLP] (New York: Church Publishing, 1997).
Cast Size: (8+)
Time Length: 45 minutes
Age Levels: All ages

Gordon Graham is Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts at Princeton Theological Seminary, and Associate Priest of St David’s Episcopal Church, Cranbury, New Jersey. Over many years he has been involved in writing and producing Christian verse, music and drama for use by church groups both within liturgical contexts and independently. He is also the author of several books on topics in ethics, philosophy and religion.


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