A Christmas News Broadcast

A Nativity Reenactment

Alan Lewis and Adele Eley


ISBN-13: 9781606741177



This Christmas Pageant takes a different spin in the form of a broadcast, with TV (or radio) news reporters (angels) “at the scene” of the birth of Jesus. They interview the various individuals who are eyewitnesses to the event and report on the news of the day, including the traffic jam in Bethlehem due to a surge in people coming to town to enroll in the census. With humor and contemporary language, the familiar story and characters is transformed to how it might have been reported on if it happened today. Suggestions for congregational singing are also included.

Cast: 30+ Individuals can play more than one role and is suited for an intergenerational cast.  

Length: 30+ minutes

Age Level: all ages


Dr. Alan J. Lewis is the director of Music at Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Adele Eley is the coordinator for Christian Formation.

Adele Eley is the coordinator for Christian Formation at Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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