Anglican Orders

Essays on the Centenary of Apostolicae Curae 1896-1996

R. William Franklin

Jun/1996, 152 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819216694



This review of the Apostolicae Curae presents six essays by American and British contributors, both Anglican and Roman Catholic, on the 100th anniversary of the papal condemnation of Anglican Orders. The book also includes the English translation of the original papal document and the Anglican response to it at that time.

An introduction by R. William Franklin describes the history of the tensions between the two churches and the theological differences between them. Franklin helps the reader understand the relevance of these 100-year-old documents to today's ecumenical concerns and hopes.

From the Foreword: "This forthright and unequivocal pronouncement, which the Roman Catholic Church has never rescinded or modified, is of such critical importance to the Anglican-Roman Catholic relations that it deserves to be memorialized in print a hundred years later, and to be examined in depth, both on the account of the arguments it deployed, and of the consequences that have flowed (and still flow) from it." --Hugh Montefiore, Bishop of Birmingham (ret.)

R. William Franklin is the bishop's scholar in residence for the Episcopal Diocese of New York and dean emeritus of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University. He is the author or editor of seven books.

" open and interesting consideration of the serious challenges that modern ecumenism presents to an Anglican theology of holy orders... scholarly, open and lively." -- William C. Graham in Nathional Catholic Reporter, November 8, 1996
"The arguments presented in this book are compelling." "Be advised: this is not a book to be read casually. It is scholarly and requires considerable commitment to the subject. The effort, however, yields reward beyond better understanding of Anglican-Roman Catholic relations."--The Rev. Carole Johannsen in Good News, February, 1997
"A significant volume worthy of attention from all Anglicans and Roman Catholics interested in the theology of ministry ecumenism or the relationship of the two churches."--OPEN, Fall 1996
In Anglican Orders, particularly Christopher Hill's contribution, the conversation begins to move beyond analysis of the past and its snares to a potentially productive new beginning.



  • Anglican Communion
  • Church History
  • Roman Catholic

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