Children at Worship

Congregations in Bloom

Caroline S. Fairless

Jan/2000, 150 Pages, PAPERBACK, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780898693263



The author shows in this book how a parish can incorporate its children into full participation with the worshiping community. Tapping their creativity to design a spectacular array of materials for worship -- a storyteller's cloak, prayer cards, confessions stones, rap sermons, sculpture, and painting -- liturgy comes intensely alive for parishioners of all ages. As Fairless demonstrates, the full participation of children in corporate worship, while not a simple matter, is deeply rewarding. An introduction by Louis Weil, professor at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, provides the theological rationale for the inclusion of all baptized members in the worship life of the community.

Caroline Fairless is the Director of Children at Worship--Congregations in Bloom, a grass roots organization serving congregations of any denomination or faith. The name says it all: Include your youth in your regular worship and your congregation will bloom. Caroline has served on liturgical design teams for national and diocesan conferences for ten years. She is the former Vicar of Holy Family Church, Half Moon Bay, California. During her seven years of service there, she created a worshiping community that is fully inclusive of its children and youth, and watched that sense of inclusion spill over to all the decision-making bodies of the church. Holy Family has been lifted up as a model for family worship across the country and abroad, and has been featured in diocesan newspapers and Episcopal Life. Caroline's website ( serves as a meeting place to open up the conversations among congregations around the country who wish to expand their worship services to include children.


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