Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 7


ISBN-13: 9781931960465



Every part of the Christian tradition has its special people who are looked up to and respected as examples of what each denomination or group best exemplifies. These heroes are called by different names, yet we call them all saints.

Welcome to The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Volume 7.

In this volume Jerome Berryman has gathered together fifteen enrichment lessons to help tell the story of the church after Pentecost by focusing on the communion of saints. In Volume 2, the presentation of the "Circle of the Church Year", the "three great times" are identified: the mystery of Christmas, the mystery of Easter, and the mystery of Pentecost. This volume is devoted to the communion of saints as part of the Pentecost mystery. The simple format of the lessons presented in The Complete Guide to Godly Play will enable all teachers, whether new or experienced, to find the information they need to enter fully into the most rewarding play we share: Godly Play.

What's inside Volume 7: 16 Enrichment Presentations? All the information you need to present these Enrichment Lessons to the children in your Godly Play Room.

Enrichment Lesson 1: Introduction to the Communion of SaintsEnrichment Lesson 2: Expanded Introduction to the Communion of SaintsEnrichment Lesson 3: St. Thomas AquinasEnrichment Lesson 4: "St." ValentineEnrichment Lesson 5: St. PatrickEnrichment Lesson 6: St. Catherine of SienaEnrichment Lesson 7: St. Julian of NorwichEnrichment Lesson 8: St. ColumbaEnrichment Lesson 9: St. Elizabeth of PortugalEnrichment Lesson 10: St. Augustine of HippoEnrichment Lesson 11: Mother Teresa of CalcuttaEnrichment Lesson 12: St. Teresa of AvilaEnrichment Lesson 13: St. Margaret of ScotlandEnrichment Lesson 14: St. Nicholas, Bishop of MyraEnrichment Lesson 15: The Story of the Child's Own SaintEnrichment Lesson 16: The Story of the Child's Own Life

Jerome W. Berryman is the founder of Godly Play and has wide experience working with children ages 2-18. Writer, lecturer and workshop leader, Rev. Berryman is Senior Fellow of the Center for the Theology of Childhood. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Teaching Godly Play, Children and the Theologians, and The Spiritual Guidance of Children: Montessori, Godly Play and the Future.

"Jerome Berryman's work helps children internalize the Christian tradition, and then offers them the opportunity to use that tradition in their daily living" - Rev. Jim Carr, United Methodist clergy, San Antonio, TX

"For those of us who have been using Godly Play for some time, this is just what you've been waiting for: these well-organized, easy-to-use volumes offer sessions to lead you through the year" - Candy Moser, Accredited Godly Play Teacher Trainer, Maitland, Florida

"I've always loved Godly Play and these books make it both easy and accessible to everyone" - Rev. Cheryl Minor, All Saints Episcopal Church, Belmont, MA


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