Daily Prayer For All Seasons Deluxe Edition

Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music

Feb/2015, 176 Pages, BONDED LEATHER

ISBN-13: 9780898699333



  • Approved for use by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church
  • Features bonded leather, 2 ribbon bookmarks, gilded edges, a presentation page, shrink-wrapped, and placed in a quality gift box

People in all kinds of religious traditions, including Judaism and Christianity, have been marking time with prayer for almost as long as we’ve divided the day into hours. “Praying the hours,” as it’s called, has always reminded us that God walks with us throughout each day; “praying the hours” is also a way that the community of faith comes together, whether we’re united all in one place or scattered like raindrops.  

In the Episcopal Church, the Book of Common Prayer offers beautiful services for morning, noon, evening, and nighttime in a section called “The Daily Office” (pp 35-146).  Daily Prayer for All Seasons offers a variation on that theme, where a complete service covers one or two pages, thereby eliminating the need to shuffle prayer books and hymnals. Daily Prayer for All Seasons works for individuals, small groups, and/or congregations. This prayer book presents a variety of images of God, uses inclusive and expansive language for and about God, and presents a rich variety of language, including poetry, meditation, and prayers from the broader community of faith.



  • gift edition

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