Grace on the Go

101 Quick Ways to Pray

Barbara Bartocci

May/2006, 112 Pages, PAPERBACK, 4 x 6

ISBN-13: 9780819222305



These days, everyone seems to race through the day multi-tasking at breakneck speed, with no time for quiet prayer. Author Barbara Bartocci was frustrated by this fact-until she realized an important truth: Every single task is potentially holy if we do it with a holy intent. And that's the premise of Grace on the Go. This book offers quick, imaginative ways to help busy people make prayer an integral part of their days.

Part One contains short reflections from real life, designed to lead the reader into a few minutes of quiet meditative prayer, offering a brief "step of holy action" to incorporate into an ordinary day. Part Two offers ways to turn a single minute-from drive time to lunch time-into a prayerful encounter with God.

Barbara Bartocci is the popular author of religious books, including the Morehouse Grace on the Go series, and a frequent contributor to major consumer magazines, including Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, and Reader's Digest. She is also a public relations consultant and a motivational speaker. She lives in Kansas.

"A fine little book that uses everyday situations and encounters as cues for prayer."--The Lutheran, Novemeber 2006

"Suggests learning to just sit for 10 minutes in silence with God. She offers a 10-step process that is doable."--Episcopal Life, October 2006

"Author Barbara Bartocci proposes quick one-minute prayers to fit your hectic lifestyle. Grace on the Go lists over a hundred ways of putting a spiritual spin on one's ordinary day."-Faith & Friends, November 2006.

"Think of prayer as an ongoing conversation with God. If you need help in that area, Barbara Bartocci may have what you're looking for."--News-Leader of Springfield, Missouri.

"This is a gem in the everyday spirituality genre with its wide-ranging examples of how we can make every moment a devotional one by right intention and practice."--Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat for Spirituality & Practice, Nov. 2006.

"An easy but helpful read."-Diocesan Dialogue, September 2006.

"Tuck this small 112-page book into your purse or briefcase for a quick lift and focus on God. Every task is potentially holy if it's done with holy intent, the basis for sacramental living. Practical. Inspiring."-Quaker Life, November/December 2006

"Bartocci carves out one moment after another during the day to use in a positive way. A wonderful follow-up of ways to incorporate prayer and God's peace into our busy lives.", March 2007

"...wonderful ways to incorporate prayer and God's peace into our busy days." --Jane Pitt, mother of actor Brad Pitt


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