Hands and Hearts

Intergenerational Activities throughout the Church Year

Lois Johansson

May/2006, 128 Pages, PAPERBACK, 8 1/2 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819222084



Hands and Hearts includes easy-to-follow instruction for activities, based on the liturgical year, designed to help your church family experience faith-based learning together. A source of fun and biblical learning, this interactive book is a great way to draw together a congregation of all ages for spiritual growth and learning.

Lois Johansson is a Christian education professional and a columnist for Christian Education Counselor. She has written religious education curricula, directed parish intergenerational activities, and conducted workshops on the topic. She lives in Florida.

"With much thought, educator Lois Johansson has assembled a curriculum to include grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. Hands and Hearts is full of traditional teaching, mixed with very human ways of transmitting it to Christians of all ages."
The Northeast, October 2006

"This step-by-step book includes instructions for activities and events that allow children and adults to join together and share their faith in enjoyable ways. Hands and Hearts is a practical way for congregations, as well as families, to inject fun and fellowship into their faith lives."
The Living Church, January 7, 2007

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