Hand To Hand

From Combat to Healing, Revised Edition

Nigel Mumford

Dec/2006, 176 Pages, PAPERBACK, 4 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780898695359



"My journey has transformed me from Royal Marine Commando to Lay Minister of Healing. Twenty-five years ago, I was trained to kill or be killed; now it is my privilege to teach people to heal and be healed."

So Nigel Mumford, director of the healing center, the Oratory of the Little Way, summarizes his extraordinary journey. He shares his personal story, stories from his healing ministry, and healing prayers, giving the reader insight into a little known world of modern miracles.

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Nigel W.D. Mumford is the founder of “By His Wounds, Inc” a Christian healing ministry based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For a full biography and current information on By His Wounds please visit,  www.byhiswoundsministry.org

He is the former director of the Healing Ministry at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, New York, with the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

Fr. Nigel was born and educated in England.  He served for six and a half years in Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos; his last two years as a Marine were spent as a drill instructor at the Commando Training School. In 1980, he came to America and set up a picture framing business in Connecticut. In 1995, he sold his business and has since dedicated his life to the ministry of healing.  His conviction to pray for healing came in 1989 when his sister, Julie Sheldon, a ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet in London, was healed by God through the late Canon Jim Glennon.  This was a very dramatic healing from Dystonia, a severe neurological condition that curled her up into a fetal position and left her very close to death. Being a witness to her healing has had a profound effect on Fr. Nigel’s life. 

In October 2009, Fr. Nigel was hospitalized with H1N1, pneumonia and secondary pneumonia, and was near death.  He was in a chemical induced coma for 19 days, after being put on a ventilator; he then was given a tracheotomy.   After six weeks in Intensive Care and three weeks at a rehabilitation facility, Fr. Nigel was sent home to continue his recovery. His pulmonologist told him: “You were as close to death without dying that I have ever seen.”  Fr. Nigel was the object of a massive prayer effort that spanned the globe;  he and his family give thanks and praise to all the intercessors who lifted him up in prayer, as he is alive and remains serving the Lord because of the efficacy of corporate prayer.  Thank you Jesus! Just over a year later, Fr. Nigel returned to traveling around the world, teaching and preaching the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Outside the ministry, Fr. Nigel enjoys sailing, boating, gardening, writing, public speaking, e-biking, playing the violin, bagpipes, and the clarinet. Fr. Nigel lives with his lovely wife, Lynn, and their adorable little dog in Virginia Beach, Va.    

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