John Wimber Goes to Church

One Man's Search for God

Coleen Scheid

Jan/2014, 5 Pages, INSTANT DOWNLOAD

ISBN-13: 9781606741887



This piece is based on the actual testimony of the founder of the Vineyard churches, but no connection to that denomination is necessary to enjoy the sketch. The objective of the piece is to draw attention to the ways in which it can be difficult for an unchurched person to understand what’s going on when they visit a church; the language and culture barriers that can make their search for God more confusing.

The retelling of a true and humorous story about a nameless church can help church audiences examine what unwitting barriers we may have put in people’s way, without feeling too threatened by a more targeted satire. The other good thing about telling Wimber’s story is that it has a really happy ending.

Cast: 4 (Narrator, John, Comic, Dick)

Time Length: 10 minutes
Age Level: Adult
Theme: Evangelism

Colleen Scheid is a life-long writer and has performed nationally with Friends of the Groom Theater Company since 1984 ( She has also been writing, directing and performing plays for her own church, College Hill Presbyterian Church, since the early 1990s, so she has a good feel for the constraints of working in the local church with limited resources, and her sketch and monolog scripts are written with the local church in mind. In addition to the collection available through Skiturgies, Colleen has drama published by Lillenas Publishing, Standard Publishing and Contemporary Drama Service. Her first novel, Drug Free Actors, is available from Amazon and Kindle.


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