More Dumb Things Churches Do

And New Strategies for Avoiding Them

Philip Wiehe and Linda McFadden

Jan/2009, 160 Pages, KINDLE, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

ISBN-13: 9780819226730



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This book focuses on problems in parishes—from stewardship to worship to strategic planning—and then examines new ideas and solutions. The approach is positive and practical; the tone is conversational and engaging.



Linda McFadden, who lives in Virginia, is a United Church of Christ pastor who specializes in communications.

Philip Wiehe is a church consultant, specializing in helping parishes with clergy searches, long-range planning, mission statements, crisis management, and vestries. He is an Episcopal priest who lives in Virginia.

“Philip and Linda are stellar guides and mentors with insight into the possibilities of new life for your congregation. They open up hidden realities—things overlooked because they're just beneath the surface. Here you'll find practical tools for bringing newness out of the plain old stuff you find in every religious community. There's hope in this book for ordinary people.”
—Loren B. Meade, church consultant and author of many books addressing congregational development, including The Once and Future Church and Transforming Congregations for the Future

“Philip Wiehe has based his thoughts on the essentials of church life and witness on some of the most significant words of the Gospel. There is no greater challenge for the church in our generation than 'to make all things new' through the power of the Spirit—and in so doing to be renewed itself. How Philip applies this process to life in the United States must equally apply to all the Christian world today.”
—Robin Eames, Archbishop of the Church of Ireland

"An Episcopal priest and his wife, a United Church of Christ pastor, team up to address challenges churches face. Chances are, you'll recognize your church in at least one of the examples cited."
The Living Church

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