Passion Gospels for Palm Sunday and Good Friday Year C

Downloadable and Noted for Chant

Ormande Plater

Jan/2000, 23 Pages, INSTANT DOWNLOAD, 8.5x11

ISBN-13: 9780898695762



The Passion according to Luke for Palm Sunday Year C and the Passion according to John (Good Friday in all three years) have been set to the traditional solemn Holy Week chant by Deacon Ormonde Plater. The various parts (Narrator, Jesus, Pilate, the Crowd, etc.) are clearly indicated. Easy-to-follow notation and word underlay, including two musical endings for each gospel (simple and florid tone). These convenient downloadable electronic (PDF) versions of the Passion Gospels are easily printed and may be reproduced for use by choir and congregation.

Ormonde Plater is an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church who has a passion for and understanding of liturgy. A published author of five books related to both this passion and to his love of Cajun dancing, Ormonde is a retired columnist, writer, editor, and college English teacher.

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