Protestant Spiritual Exercises

Theology, History and Practice

Dr. Joseph D. Driskill

Mar/1999, 152 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819217592



The term "Protestant spirituality" is sometimes considered to be an oxymoron. Spirituality has traditionally been seen as the domain of the Catholic faith, and not of the Protestant reformation and its offshoots. That perspective is in error, as Dr. Joseph Driskill demonstrates in Protestant Spiritual Exercises, a book that introduces readers to the spirituality that evolved from Calvin, Luther, and many other Reformers.

This book, geared to use by seminary students and clergy and lay leaders within Protestant congregations, helps readers discover their rich spiritual heritage through an examination of its history and practice and the theological affirmations that undergird it. For use either as a textbook for training future clergy, or within the congregation itself to further develop the spiritual life of the parish, this book is practical on many levels. Actual practices (the Prayer of Examen, Luther's Four-Stranded Garland and others) can be used in spiritual formation of individuals and groups. Driskill also helps leaders learn how to use the exercises, making them become aware of gender and age issues, the role of the setting in which they are used, and good leadership skill.

Joseph D. Driskill is Assistant Professor of Spirituality and Assistant Dean of the Disciples Seminary Foundation at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA. A third-generation clergyperson (Disciples of Christ), he has served in both parish and campus ministries.

"This excellent volume is heaven-sent for adult education classes and small groups interested in spirituality. It is highly recommended to clergy who are charged with designing programs to address the diverse needs of their congregations. And, of course, it should be required reading in all Protestant seminaries." --Values & Visions

"...causes the faith of the Protestant Reformation to come alive in a personal discipline both interesting and life-fulfilling. The text ought not be confined to the theologian or seminary classroom." --Raymond B. Knudsen, Editor, The Counselor, June 27, 1999

"[Driskill] provides helpful, detailed guidelines for leading spiritual practices with cautions and practical advice...This book will be helpful to clergy and laity because of its description of the theology, history, and practice of spiritual exercises." --Rebecca Bradburn Langer, Sabbath House Center for Christian Formation, as printed in Interpretation, January 2000

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  • Spirituality
  • Prayer
  • Calvin
  • Luther
  • Prayer of Examen
  • Four-Stranded Garland

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