Saints, Signs and Symbols

The Symbolic Language of Christian Art, download

Hilarie and James Cornwell


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With attractive, skillfully crafted designs and illustrations, this complete one-volume reference guide to the symbols of the Church holds considerable ecumenical value with applications for most Jewish and Christian faith traditions.  It is a unique catalog depicting the graphics and meanings for sacred shapes, monograms, animals, birds, saints, flowers, fruits and trees, plus symbols of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, the Church Year, the Apostles, the Holy Trinity; and much more. Downloadable art work from Saints, Signs, and Symbols.



Hilarie Cornwell has been a professional liturgical artist since 1997, and a professional artist and designer for much longer.  With her husband James, she founded Cornwell ScribeWorks, an art studio dedicated to re-creating the aesthetic of the medieval illuminated manuscript, and has created hundreds of original works for cathedrals, churches and private collectors.  She teaches and lectures around the United States in religious symbolism and manuscript illumination technique.

James Cornwell is a professional liturgical calligrapher since 1997, specializing in the Gothic lettering styles of the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. He has also worked as a consulting herald, assisting groups and individuals with research, design and rendering of coats-of-arms. He teaches seminars around the country in medieval-style calligraphy.




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