Saving Salvation

The Amazing Evolution of Grace

Stephen Smith

Mar/2005, 128 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

ISBN-13: 9780819221384



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With increasing frequency, mainline Christians are challenged--by televangelists as well as by neighbors, friends, and coworkers--with the question: “Are you saved?” Not only are they stumped for an answer, but they may be unsure of exactly what salvation means.

This book examines the concept of salvation in the Hebrew Scriptures and in the New Testament, showing readers that salvation, rather than simply the attainment of a faraway heaven in the afterlife, is also accomplished in the here-and-now through the Gospel of Jesus. In everyday language and an accessible, conversational tone, Saving Salvation helps Christians reach a deeper, more nuanced understanding of salvation than that provided by the dominant religious culture of our day. More than a heavenly reward for “good behavior” or “right belief,” Smith says, salvation is also the gift of God’s abundant grace—through the love of family and friends, prayer, and service—in a Kingdom experienced here on earth.

With its thorough grounding in Scripture, along with reflection questions, Saving Salvation will serve as an excellent resource for both individual, small group, and parish study.

Stephen Smith, an Episcopal priest, is rector a St. Patrick's Church in Dublin, Ohio. A frequent presenter at the Kenyon Summer Conference in Ohio, he has also presented at Epworth Center in Michigan, a highly regarded Methodist conference center.

"From the pen of one who knows first-hand both the changing public face of Christianity and the radical and all-inclusive embrace of God's love, Stephen Smith's new book about salvation rings true.  The good news of God's grace does not need saving, but the church's sometimes judgmental and exclusive approach to salvation does need remedial attention.  Saving Salvation is an important and useful book for anyone who struggles with the contemporary church."--  The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Dean of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio Author of Interrupted by God: Glimpses from the Edge

Stephen Smith has written an important book for our time. Through the careful analysis of our biblical, historical, and theological roots, Smith reclaims Christian salvation as God's gift to everyone and not just the Christian Right. It is salvation as Jesus proclaimed it: the good news of grace both in this life and in the life to come.--The Rt. Rev. J. Clark Grew II, retired bishop of Ohio

In our time of changing Christian paradigms, adult re-education is one of the most pressing needs in the church today.  This engaging and insightful book reclaims the key Christian concepts of salvation and grace from their captivity by much of conventional conservative Christianity. Adult re-education is one of the most pressing needs in the church today.   This engaging and insightful book reclaims the key Christian concepts of  salvation and grace from their captivity by much of conventional conservative  Christianity. The authentic meanings of grace and salvation have been domesticated again and again in Christian history. This engaging and insightful book reclaims these key Christian concepts, and contributes to the task of adult re-education, one of the most pressing needs in the church today.  Marcus Borg,  author of The Heart of Christianity and Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time.   Author of a dozen books, including the best-sellers Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time, and The Heart of Christianity."

"Saving Salvation, a fast paced, highly readable journey through the theological history of salvation. Smith makes his case by telling engaging people stories, modern and biblical."--Lisa Reuter, The Columbus Dispatch, July 8, 2005

"this meditation by a thoughtful and faithful pastor is most welcome, and essential reading"

"Smith's book may stir up the discussion between mainline Christians and evangelicals."--Episcopal Life, October 2005

"provocative and evocative."--The Living Church, November 13, 2005

"Smith's book is laced with personal recollections. His genial style and brief, well-structured chapters make this slender book ideal for a small discussion group. Readers who are troubled by the narrow views trumpeted by some Christians will find a thoughtful guide in Smith."--Church and Synagogue Libraries, November / December 2006

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