The Jesse Tree

Randi Goldstein and Dina Strong


ISBN-13: 9781606740934



Purchase price includes permission to reproduce copies for all participants

Total pages: 16 

The Jesse Tree is a more elaborate Advent or Christmas Pageant based on a full script, especially suited for use with 7-10 year olds. The play consists of ten short vignettes tied together with the visual prop of a large Jesse tree. (The Jesse Tree is an Advent devotion based on Old Testament symbols and stories about God’s promised Messiah.) After each vignette, one or more symbols are placed on the tree, as the narrator recites lines tying the symbol or symbols to the coming of Jesus Christ. The play concludes with a short litany based on the symbol-filled tree.

Cast of Characters: (2 + 28 +/-)

Two narrators: (youth or adult)

Adam Eve Noah Noah’s children Abraham Sarah Three angels Joseph Joseph’s family Moses Miriam Aaron Hebrews Joshua Rahab Naomi Ruth Samuel David Solomon Ezra Nehemiah Elijah Elisha Isaiah Jeremiah Mary Joseph

Time Length: 45 minutes for a group of 12 individuals

Age Level: Youth, Adults, Families

Randi Goldstein has been a theatre professional for over twenty years. As the Artistic Director of a children’s theatre in New York, she directed more than a dozen shows for children, and developed workshops for young people interested in careers in the arts.

Dina Strong Gluckstern worked with young children for more than a decade as storyteller, teacher and children’s literature specialist before becoming a writer and editor of story-based education materials in 1987. She has a degree in Literature, with a minor in Education, and has worked with children in groups whose numbers ranged from four to a hundred. Spindle Press has published three of her previous titles, The Vineyard and the Wedding: Four Stories of God’s Kingdom, Many Miles to Bethlehem: Stories of Advent and Christmas and Hosanna and Alleluia: Stories of Holy Week and Easter.


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