The Stations of the Cross for Children

Linda Weaver


ISBN-13: 9781606740972



 The Stations of the Cross for Children has been prepared to help children engage a rich, centuries-old, devotional practice. The Stations of the Cross was developed by Christians to deepen their understanding of the pain and suffering Jesus endured so our sins are forgiven and we can enjoy the hope of eternal life. In some traditions, The Stations of the Cross is referred to as The Way of the Cross or the Via Dolorosa. Furthermore, the actual number of stations varies by tradition and has changed often over the years. When preparing the materials for The Stations of the Cross for Children, the author was convinced by the Holy Spirit to include only those Stations that have a scriptural basis. The materials in The Stations of the Cross for Children include a script for including six stations inferred from the Biblical account. Original icon artwork (in color) is included for these stations, as well as icons that represent the Episcopal Church’s traditional fourteen stations. A notation is given when a station has been omitted in the script, with the icons found at the end of this script.

Cast of Characters 2 or more adults with responses for children   Time Length: 20 – 60 minutes, depending on the number of stations used   Age level: children, intergenerational


Linda Weaver has been involved in children's ministry at Christ Episcopal Church of La Crosse, Wisconsin, for 9 years.  Aside from The Stations of the Cross for Children, she has prepared materials for children to engage in the celebration of the sacraments in their church's worship.


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