Where God Hides Holiness

Thoughts on Grief, Joy & the Search for Fabulous Heels

Laurie M. Brock & Mary E. Koppel

Nov/2012, 192 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819228185



This new book shares the joy, humor, surprises, grief, and messiness when god invites us to strip away the personas of “perfect priest” or “perfect Christian” and rediscover what is sacred and genuine about ourselves and our faith. Priests and writers Brock and Koppel relate common and unique experiences here, as we join them on a sometimes startling journey of faith.

With a genuine no-holds-barred approach and unique style, the authors address common life experiences with wit, revelation, and self-discovery as they unpack the dirtiness of failure, the messiness of death, the frailty behind our personas, and the joy of resurrection as new life—with lessons learned. 

Laurie Brock is the rector of St. Michael the Archangel Episcopal Church in Lexington, Kentucky

The Rev. Mary Koppel is priest-in-charge at Grace Episcopal Church in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“From a meal in a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Gonzales, Louisiana, to a Vigil in Kentucky celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, the authors of the blog ‘Dirty Sexy Ministry’ take us, not on a peaceful, sentimental spiritual journey, but on a wild ride that’s a real trip. Theirs is a tale of the real life of two women who are disciples of Jesus and priests of the church, together with a host of other saints and sinners who, like them, are children of God. This book is the real deal, about real life lived before and with the very real and living God, who leads the way to Real Life that not even death can take away. Wow!”
—Michael Curry, Bishop, Diocese of North Carolina

“To those who feel they can never attain that all ‘too perfect’ Christian life, I invite you inside Where God Hides Holiness. Here you will find a narrative of how you can be transformed when you have the courage to reject regret and move forward in blind faith toward redemption.”
—Becky Garrison, author of Ancient Future Disciples and Starting from Zero with $0

“Far more than a memoir, Where God Hides Holiness is like a genuine Lenten journey that honors the raw places of wilderness, the hard realities of death, and the exquisite beauty of resurrection. Mary Koppel and Laurie Brock are pastoral on the page, implicitly inviting readers to recognize God in our own stories even as they share theirs. Grab a box of tissues and a glass of wine! This is a book for those who wish that God promised a well-ordered life, those who strain for authenticity in faith and in the Church, those who know the acute heights of both grief and joy, and those who wear extra make-up occasionally to cover the soul’s wounds. (For all those not previously described: the drinks are on you!)”
—Rachel G. Hackenberg, author of Writing to God and Writing to God: Kids’ Edition, blogger, speaker, and minister

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